Studio Ceri distinguish themselves as experts in retail and interior design. Studio Ceri was created in Prato in the eighties, it has an international reach exporting creativity, technologies and the finest materials typically made in Italy worldwide.


Brand concept design, Fashion&Beauty, Food, Stands&Fairs, Hospitality.

Our experience and our skills are there to manage complex projects all over the world.

In 30 years Studio Ceri has built around 450 stores in over 30 countries worldwide

Projecting / Interior Design

Interior design for every sector of architecture, from commercial to residential: from the representative office, to residential towers; everywhere in the world. In recent years we have built, transported and set up around 3000 apartments in residential towers in Italy and abroad and hundreds of villas, offices, showrooms, hospitals.



Inspections and 3D surveys and graphic rendering; Preliminary draft; Executive project; Construction Project; BIM design; rendering; Procurement Documentation; Construction supervision; End of Works & Test Assistance; Maintenance plans.

Services & Permits:

Building permits for civil and industrial buildings; Fire prevention; Acoustic Design; Lighting Design; ASL consultancy; Health & Safety; Consultancy on Third Party Projects.


Due Diligence; Normative Analysis and Strategic Definition; Project Management; Procurement Management; Facility Management; Design Management.


Energy Modeling and Strategies; Energy Audit; Energy Management; Energy Performance Certificate.

“Our companies are increasingly in need of simple women and men. Austere. Used to sacrifice and consequently to work. Disarming in creative abilities. ”


Studio Ceri are able to realize high profile projects through their ability to bring together highly qualified people who have the experience, the Italian spirit and through teamwork.

As when you compose a fine fabric, the wires of different professional skills are intertwined and creates “stable emotions”.

Luca Ceri


Luca Ceri

Founder CEO


Saverio Ceri

Office Manager


Our Team

Architects, Designers, Project Manager

Arch. Iuri Biasi

Project Manager Italia

Arch. Antonino Ciddio

General creative manager

Arch. Salvatore Colucci

Retail designer

Arch. Enrico Fiesoli

Project manager Italia

Arch. Alessandro Maggini

Project Manager

Arch. Cristina Rosamilia

Project manager Italia

Arch. Federica Serafini

Project manager

Eva Benigno

Commerciale Italia

Giulia Manzini

Commerciale Italia

Geom. Iwan Palmariello

Project manager

Geom. Tommaso Picchi

Contract designer

Geom. Katiuscia Scaccini

Commerciale Retail

Geom. Francesco Taglianetti

Contract designer

Federico Ristori

Plant and Logistic manager

Geom. Francesco Cavaciocchi

Logistic Officer

Cosimo Ballerini

Warehouse manager

Marco Cantini

Warehouse worker

Ilaria Giachin

Admninistrative & Financial Manager

Letizia Menichetti

Administartive Officer